Matter Painting

A voyage of self discovery

About Jan Boudewijn

Jan Simon Boudewijn, 1953, Amsterdam, Netherlands


photo: Jan Boudewijn

artist Jan Boudewijn

My whole life is devoted to observing, experiencing, feeling, sharing and creating.

When I was 15 years old, my urge to create led me to work as a trainee window dresser, where I was given total freedom, which I used to give space to the development of my free spirit.

I felt at home in a world of decoration, display, fashion, design, art and architecture.

Some of my creations were published and were called controversial: confrontational but liberating. For 9 years I had the privilege of being allowed to work in this world.

Then a new period in my life arose, my desire was to work more directly with caring for people. I followed a number of studies and after that i worked in different jobs within the healthcare profession. During this time the desire to create never left me. Within these jobs i could connect with different projects, which were creative and artistic, which supported the creative development of different people.

video of artist Jan Boudewijn at work

The desire to create and express myself on canvas kept going on.

In 2010 i decided to start to work together with my partner Janssen in his studio. He finished his last year at the MIX Art Academy, in 2010. Then arose The Works 2011: Stored Images of Beauty.

Method of working:

I create with paint (mostly acrylic) and all kind of other materials like ecoline, cement, water, fire, earth, tar, pigments, oils, glue and airbrush paint. It is a big struggle to create my works. At different times, by the end of the day I may transform a work completely. New work arises from the foundations of yesterday.

To create is my life, sharing with others, expressed in a work of today.